Big Picture
440 South 186th Street Burien, WA 98148

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Big Picture
440 South 186th Street Burien, WA 98148


School Mission

The mission of Highline Big Picture Schools is to use internships, apprenticeships and rigorous, interest-based projects to immerse students in work they are passionate about in order to develop the skills, habits, and knowledge to actualize their post-high school plans, overcome obstacles to their well-being, and contribute positively to their communities. This mission is implemented one student at a time within a supportive network of students, staff, advisories, families, and community partners.

  • Big Picture Middle School provides highly personalized and relevant instruction in small classroom setting.
  • Students learn in collaboration with teachers, families, professionals and mentors.
  • Students are in advisories and stay with the same advisors for two years in middle school and four years in high school.
  • Learning is project-based and incorporates the five Big Picture Competencies.
  • Students work independently on interest-based projects daily in addition to advisory work.
  • All students present their learning at exhibitions three times a year.  We do not have grades or credits.
  • High School students are off campus two days a week at internship sites.
  • Middle school students are at service learning sites one day a month and out in the community weekly.
  • Middle school students are provided district transportation.  
  • High school students are provided ORCA cards and take public transportation.
  • We do not offer extra-curricular activities.  Students are able to participate in activities at their home school.
  • Big Picture students graduate prepared for the post-secondary adventure of their choice - college, career and citizenship.

To learn more about Big Picture School and to see if it is a good fit for you, please visit the 

In addition, the following books are very helpful in understanding our innovative approach to education:

  • The Big Picture by Dennis Littky
  • Leaving to Learn by Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski
  • A Letter to Teachers by Vito Perrone
  • Creative Schools by Sir Ken Robinson
  • What School Could Be by Ted Dintersmith