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Why Should Students Take the SBA?

Why Should Students Take the SBA?

Last session, the legislature approved additional ways to meet state graduation requirements beyond passing the SBA. So why should students take it?

Students are still required to take the SBA for three important reasons.

  1. The SBA is still the most straightforward path to graduation. Students take the assessment during the school day. No extra work is required.
  2. Some of our state and federal funding could be cut if lower than 95 percent of our students take the SBA.
  3. The SBA is one data point for measuring our success as a system. No assessment, including the SBA, fully assesses student learning, and it is not the only measure that matters; however, the SBA is the assessment designated by our state to hold the district accountable.

If students have questions about alternative paths to graduation, please advise them to see their counselor.