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6th Grade Will Include World Language & Arts in Middle School

6th Grade Will Include World Language & Arts in Middle School

6th Grade in Middle School Takes Shape

A middle school student works with a teacher in an art class with clay.

Sixth-grade students will take world language and arts in middle school in September.

Get the early scoop on next year's program for sixth grade in middle school as details emerge. 

Program Supports Strategic Plan Goals

The developing program for sixth grade in middle school aligns curriculum with our strategic goals, staff and family input and classroom resources. Our strategic goals are driving the final decisions.

Members of a transition steering committee meet monthly to fine-tune plans for sixth grade in middle school. 

Here is the latest news:

  • General sixth-grade schedules will include math, science, language arts, social studies, physical education, world language and arts.
  • For the first time, all sixth-grade students will take world language. This change is a huge step toward our strategic plan goal for all students to graduate bilingual and biliterate.
  • All sixth-grade students also will be enrolled in an arts class. This may include dance, media arts, music, theatre or visual arts. This is more arts instruction time than sixth-grade students currently get in elementary school. 
  • Sixth grade in middle school will include after-school sports opportunities. More details will be available soon.  

Middle school principals and staff now are working on what the sixth-grade daily schedule will look like based on the program decisions. Stay tuned as we finalize the details of this transition. 

More family meetings will be planned in late 2018 and spring 2019 to share information and connect with incoming sixth-grade families. 

We will update our website with current information about sixth grade in middle school as details emerge:

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